Art Dealers POS Harmony Software

Track an Unlimited Inventory of your Art in Detail and Pictures (Easy Importing of Images and the ability to view enlarged images); Track Sales, Purchases, Quantity, Profit/Loss and Expenses; Does Receipts/Invoicing including for Layaways, Memos and Returns - Print with Ink Jet/Laser Printer, Star TSP 100 USB or with Dymo Turbo 450 Printer; Ability to Charge Customers a Credit Card Fee; Print Discount Price Tags based on date of receipt of items; Calculates Sales Tax for Single or Multiple Locations; Auction Watch Module Built In; Group, Keyword Searches; Search by Images; Ability to List and Track Customer Interests; Does Labels and Price Tags - Print with Ink Jet/Laser Printer or with Dymo Turbo 450 Printer (and Jewelry Labels with the Dymo Turbo 450 Printer). Does Appraisal Memos, Authenticity Certificates, Certificate of Appraiser, Consignment Agreements, Commission Agreements, Layaway Agreements and Gift Certificates; 25 plus rename able fields, Track and Automatically Calculates Mall Costs Expenses and Charges for Single or Multiple Locations; Method of Payment Tracking; Calculates Credit Card Charges; Calculates Commissions; Sales Tax Reports for Taxable and Non Taxable Sales; Commission Reports; Layaway Aging A/R Reports; Catalogs; Auction Reports; Consignment Reports; Added Fields ; Shipping Tracking Reports; Purchase Reports, Profit/Loss Reports, Sales Reports, Sales Tax Reports and more; New Direct Research Internet Directory to Websites of your choosing including Antiqnet, Ebay and others; Address Book; Dial or E-mail your Customers, etc. Directly from the Software; Point and Click Menus; Add your Logo; Track costs of Purchases, Repairs, Restorations, Shows and more; Show Check List; Bookkeeping Module; Track Items Damaged, Missing or Stolen; It is full of specialized reports, over 700 built-in, to aid you to monitor your growth, trends and more; Easily Export to Excel and MS Word; and many other features not listed. $ 339.95
Art Dealers POS Harmony Software
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Price $339.95