.Antique Mall POS V19 Software

The Antique Mall FastTrack Point Of Sale and Business Management Software V19 is the number 1 system for antique, craft and consignment malls, Easy to Use; Tracks and Calculates fees owed to the Mall and their Vendors and Consignors including commissions, booth rentals, advertising, equipment rental, vendor work credit, consignment, credit card surcharges and more including printing checks to your vendors and consignors; On-line sales reports so your Vendors, Dealers and Consignors could see what they have sold; Automatically Calculates Taxes; Print Receipts with Inkjet, Laser, Dymo 450 Turbo or Star Receipt TSP 100 Printer (can attach Electronic MS Cash Draw, Model CF-405-USB-M-B Drawer, works with all the described printers listed); Track and Print Sales (including Layaways), Vendor, Mall, Consignment, Commission, Sales Tax Reports, Expenses Reports and More by Day, Month, Quarter or Year; Track Employee Sales; Track Method of Payment - cash, credit card, check, etc. (handles Split Transactions); Calculates Taxes, Exempt Sales, Discounts, Percentages and more; Ability to Post Vendor Sales On Line; Create and Maintain Floor Plan (including available booths); Creates Automatically Numbered Receipts; Set Your Terms for receipts; Handle Rent Adjustments; Drop Down Dealer Sales Notes; You can also Maintain, Manage consignment inventory with images as well as doing price tags with images and consignment discounts, reports for sales, layaways, purchase costs, profit/loss and more, track your sales post your inventory for sale online directly from the software and more all within the software; Bookkeeping/ Accounting Module (handles Multiple Accounts); Option to pass Credit Card Fees to Customer; Create Commission Agreements, Consignment Agreements, Contracts and Layaway Agreements; Do Mall/Vendor Contract Agreements; Do Employee Schedules; Easily review up to the minute mall and vendor sales; Diminishes errors in computing total sales, taxes, percentages and more; Produce Mall Directories; Produce Gift Certificates; Maintain waiting list of vendors wishing to rent in your mall; 100's of built-in reports including; Close Out Settlement Reports, Sales reports, bookkeeping reports, consignment reports, vendor reports, employee tracking, and more; Ability to Email Select Reports; Create Mailing Labels in a variety of Sorts; Add Your Logo to Receipts; Email and Dial Customers Directly from the Software; plus many other features. $ 519.95
.Antique Mall POS V19 Software
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